P.A.C.T. Workshops

Advocacy 101

"Teach a child as though he is already the person he is capable of becoming"

~ Haim Ginott                        

This workshop helps parents of elementary aged students with intellectual and developmental disabilities be better advocates.  It is designed to help them be more informed, more organized, be in more mutually beneficial relationships, and advocate more intentionally.  


During this workshop, parents will receive helpful 

information to establish a positive partnership with those 

caring for and teaching their child.  This workshop will 

also include topics such as Interest Learning, Socialization, and more.

Now is the time to invest and prepare for the 

independence of tomorrow. 

Community Awareness

It's going to take a caring community to change 

the world.

The world is full of "Passer-byers". Don't fall into the rhythm of de-sensitivity.  We believe in these words spoken by one of the worlds greatest gifts...

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many 

― Mother Teresa

During the Community Awareness Workshop, you will hear about "The Power of One" - a concept that meansmore than it implies. Our goal is to encourage and 

challenge at least one person to act as a catalyst for  

change in their community and help individuals with 

special  needs. They are longing to share their talents and skills with those around them.  

Preparing A Community to Thrive

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