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As mentioned on our home page, part of our mission is to train individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the skills necessary to optimize their employ-ability.  We do this through our Uniquely Qualified & Quality Control Programs. These programs are funded through fundraising and donations.  That being said, there are multiple opportunities to vend.  As liaison between local school districts and local employees, this is also an opportunity for us to get our Unique Friends in front of you....the vendor. 

Please consider supporting us and becoming a vendor.  It's not just a donation, it's an opportunity to facilitate INDEPENDENCE in our UNIQUE FRIENDS...

Click the link below to register as a VIP Vendor.  As events approach, you will be the first to receive notice and a special discount for being on the "VIP Vendor" list.

DONATION TO T.U.F.F: Will Vary depending on the event


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