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is a talented individual who happens to have an intellectual or developmental disability. He or she is excited for an opportunity to share their skills and will often become a loyal employee that has a resilient work ethic and a positive attitude.  He or she desires, like most individuals, to live a fulfilling life and live as independently as possible.


Starting with the parents of elementary aged children, we provide an Advocacy 101 workshop to empower them and support their ability to advocate for their children's education, health, and socialization.  Next, we work with local high schools by partnering with the administration and life skills staff to, not only train and place IDD students in various internship "type" roles with local employers, but also encourage actual hiring. Finally, we educate those in day habilitation programs, group homes, and/or transition programs, through our Uniquely Qualified Program, the responsibility of employment (those soft skills needed to obtain and maintain their desired job).


We encourage our Unique Friends to elevate their thinking and embrace the opportunity to compete for the jobs they want. As a result, they are eager to work and would be an amazing addition to any work environment

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