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The Unique Friends Foundation is a nonprofit founded out of my love for my daughter Jessica. I wanted to do more for her and create opportunities despite society’s prejudice. So, I decided to create a non-profit that not only benefits other charities through events but also facilitates growth and feeling of independence for Jessica and others facing the same challenges.


As stated in our mission, T.U.F.F’s main goal is to ENCOURAGE and EMPOWER individuals with intellectual & developmental disabilities to compete for their place in society through employment or volunteering.  It is also to EXPOSE the local communities to the challenges of our Unique Friends & EDUCATE  employers to their untapped potential. 

We want to dispel the prejudice that’s attached itself to the intellectual and developmentally disabled community. Through our workshops we provide information and sensitivity training to encourage acceptance and understanding. Our local business workshops provide information on best practices for hiring and employing from this community.

Our vision is to open minds and make the world a better place by showing what’s possible when prejudice is removed and replaced by acceptance and empathy.

Join us as we break down walls and dispel untruths about this group of amazing individuals.

We're here to serve...

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