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Uniquely Qualified

A T.U.F.F. Program to Help with Understanding Employment from beginning to end and beyond

      The Program

Educates participants about the RESPONSIBILITY of EMPLOYMENTThey will learn various aspects of employment including but not limited to:

  • Setting goals

  • Determining strengths and matching to jobs

  • Interviewing

  • Follow-up

  • Finding Mentor

  • Time Management

  • and more

It starts with the actual definition and covers just about everything between it (employment) and job promotion potential. Our goal is provide the training necessary for every participant to be prepared to seek, obtain, and maintain the employment opportunities they find in their community.

This program is funded with donations and sponsorship dollars (at this time)​.  

  • 18 Training Sessions

    • 2 per month 

    • Hour & a Half Duration

  • Requirements:​

    • Home Care Service Providers: Group must be eligible for independent employment/volunteering​

    • Individuals: Must be 15 yrs. old + AND eligible for independent employment/volunteering

Expectations & Requirements:

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