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Just like the tortoise had, in the story of the tortoise and the hare, we're empowering our Unique Friends to have the CONFIDENCE TO COMPETE for their place in their communities.

At the heart of it all

Our Mission

Our  mission is to ENCOURAGE and EMPOWER individuals with intellectual & developmental disabilities to compete for their place in society through employment or volunteering.  It is also to EXPOSE the local communities to the challenges of our Unique Friends & EDUCATE employers to their untapped potential.

Our Vision

Our vision is to start a movement to conquer the prejudices that plague the special needs community, as well as, to start conversations that encourage acceptance and empowerment of these individuals on a global level.

Our Need

  • Volunteers with a heart for sharing, the desire to help train our unique friends for different positions and shadow them during an event.

  • Ambassadors to participate in workshops for the community and training businesses in best hiring practices.

  • Donors and Sponsors to contribute to our mission.


How It all started

​My daughter Jessica was born under extreme circumstances that caused cerebral palsy. While development was fairly normal until the age of two, my husband and I started noticing a decline in her development. Jessica is now seventeen and has an intellectual disability. Though she is making strides towards independence, it will be difficult for her to have the same quality of life the majority of society enjoys. As a Unique Friend, however, she will learn skills that will give her a sense of independence and accomplishment.

Certified (1).png
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