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The Arc of Fashion & Hopper's Holiday Bazaar

Fashion Design students from around Texas and surrounding states compete for amazing prizes and recognition while we raise money for The Arc of Dallas.


Students put their design skills to the test in this exciting event benefiting The Arc of Dallas, non-profit that supports children and adults with intellectual & developmental disabilities. It’s not just a competition: it’s an event with a purpose.


The purpose of drawing attention, and giving value, to a community of people that are otherwise ignored or thought of as insignificant by society.


We’re thrilled to be apart of an event that showcases these beautiful individuals with special needs through fashion while enjoying good fun and fabulous food.

What Is GenesisDFW? 

GenesisDFW is an annual event AND the signature fundraiser for The Unique Friends Foundation.  


Every year, we like to celebrate THE BEGINNING


The beginning of enlightenment of a new special needs champion in our community, the beginning of a new TUFF partnership that furthers our vision and mission, the beginning of heightened employer awareness for newly certified business owners, and the beginning of elevated confidence for our Unique Friends.


We want to recognize those in our community who have shown unwavering support of individuals with special needs.  These honorees have supported our vision and mission to provide soft skills of employment solutions that increase employment opportunities for our clients. In the process, they have become TUFF Champions who encourage the societal change necessary to set a path of independence for our Unique Friends.


During the GenesisDFW event, we will celebrate these champions in a big way! 


Wilma Rudolph once said, “Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us.”  


We are always encouraged by the human spirit of our GenesisDFW honorees.  They have recognized the greatness in our Unique Friends and have done their part to assist them reach their potential.

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