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Special Resources for Special Students

While social distancing finds many students participating in “virtual learning” from home, there are additional unique challenges for students with special needs. Especially when parents also are working from home and need additional resources to provide their children with a well-rounded opportunity for academic, physical and social stimulation.

We have put together a few resources to help you navigate this overwhelming time. Hopefully these resources can help you in your quest to educate and entertain your special student!


  • Cosmic Kids Yoga - Get kids moving with these fun yoga videos to help them focus, flex, and have fun!

Life Skills

  • Breezy Special Ed - This website offers plenty of resources for special education for kids of all ages.

  • Overcoming Obstacles - This award-winning life skills curriculum is built for remote learning.


  • The OT Toolbox - Occupational, physical and speech therapy resources.

  • Enable My Child - Connects parents with the therapist professionals they need. Check out the parent corner for free resources as well.

Low Vision

  • Accessibyte - Apps designed to enhance learning for students with low vision or vision impairments.


  • 101 Homeschooling Resources - Huge list of resources for homeschooling students on the spectrum.

  • How Stuff Works - These videos get into the details behind the scenes of how things work--the extensive database has something everyone can enjoy.


  • Storyline Online - Have a famous entertainer read your favorite story!

  • Lumosity - Brain training app to sharpen everyday skills and provide daily exercise for the mind.

Visit for more resources, and information about how you can become a stronger advocate for yourself, your loved one, or your community.

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